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Skeet Shooting, Sporting Clays and Trap Shooting Lessons in Houston, TX provided by a World-Class Instructor. When you want to improve your shotgun skills, you need the best instructor available... and that's Tom Fiori.

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Tom Fiori
"Shooting Instructor"

Tom has the expertise to help you reach your full potential.

Houston Area Gun Club
"Instructor: Tom Fiori"

6700 McHard Rd
Houston, TX 77053

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You will definitely find that Tom is an Awesome individual to work with.

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Tom will provide you with the finest Shooting Lessons in Houston, TX.

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We provide 10% Discounts to all active-duty Military Personnel.

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Only one discount will be provided to an individual at any one given time. The discounts that are offered on this website are not automatically given to all individuals that sign up for shooting lessons. To receive a discount, you must notify Tom Fiori that you are eligible for a specific discount that was posted on this website at the time a shooting lesson is agreed upon and scheduled.

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